Some inspiration for your NEW YEAR!!! See my buddy Steve, a DJ from the states, sold his house and has been here for over 6 months!!!

I wish you all a wonderful 2012. I am in the mountains meditating at the very moment. As, bringing in the new year in this way is a great gift to give not only myself, but the world. And that is something I’ve recognized over this year. When you extend beyond yourself, and you are opened up to sharing and giving to others, to the world, you can pretty much count on it that you’re in a good place.  Sometimes we do get full of ourselves. Everything is about how we interpret a particular situation, in our own little world inside our heads, we’re right…all of the time. Except…our desire to be “right” isn’t letting us see clearly or truly.

Have a wonderful new year, and all the best as you progress and get out of the financial transition in the world. It has been fun writing this blog and I will certainly come back here from time to time…to add or to take away. In fact I am not so sure how I might keep or change this blog. I’ve reach #52+…so, beyond this last post…we’ll have to see what happens. If you have something in mind, please write me and let me know!

Onto the jobs:

Working to help both teachers and students the Carnegie Foundation provides various job opportunities independently and from time to time, collaboratively. They can be located here: http://www.carnegiefoundation.org/.

I need this treatment right now cause how she’s feeling is how I’m feeling:

It’s so cold in Korea…I had to stop showering (every single day) because my skin began to burn and physically emit pain. I am from the south. I’ve only lived in southern states. I marched in marching bands…under the pounding sun and I swam in lakes hot as Jacuzzis. So, you can envision this southern girl having a hard time adapting to this cold.  I don’t ever remember having thoughts of wanting to literally rip my skin off my arms, but I guess that happens…maybe I just need some really good lotion? Thankfully I found Vaseline (and it is Vaseline…not just some petroleum jelly) and I just put my feet all over it. Then wrapped it in a sock…and you know what the next day, my feet look great. But if I dare neglect it for one night…mercy these feet should be cut from my body. I’ve not had such luck with pedicures here…only went once, great service, but I really do not like the technique AT ALL at from the last place…and no one has mentioned where else I might go. Sigh. Maybe I should just fly to Hawaii for a spa escapade!

Well, back to the focus here. Jobs! Have you looked at the STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION? There are lots of jobs available that you might surely qualify for, and if you’re not qualified, give them a call and find out how you might obtain qualification. Some positions are as Title 1 representatives/officiators. You might be closer to obtaining that position that you think. Set up a time to just talk to the secretary to inquire!

Here is a list of the state departments of education! Check for your state, and then their website for their employment listings…see which ones you might or do qualify for, get your paperwork together and apply!!!

All the best to you! And stay warm and ashy-free (cause mercy I’m an ashy fool at the moment!)

Back in the Mountains…see my friends from Maum.org!! All the way from: Hungary via Singapore, the USA and Kenya!


This is another short post. Enjoy the photo :)

The better business bureau has listings of jobs by their field. You can visit the website for your city and see all of the jobs under education. I found a very cool privately owned business in Atlanta that was hiring. It was a business geared towards technology in the schools. They wanted people to help them actually teach the kids about the creations they were making.

Find your Better Business Bureau listings and see if there’s a position waiting for you! www.bbb.com

All the best, always!

Maybe I will be working in Seoul, Korea…I thought a few weeks ago.

Have you all heard of this company: www.Berlitz.com. The current person in charge here in Korea is bilingual in both French and English. The individual started with the company immediately after college and in two years went from a private instructor to Manager. There are ways to grow with this company. You will basically be teaching English or any other language you speak using the methods they provide for you. This company is world-wide and is a premiere language instruction provider to businesses, CEOs of multinational companies, universities and even groups of children.

During the interview I was told I could likely transfer to Germany, if I wanted, and other places: Hong Kong or Beijing to name a few.

Anyway, I got the job offer, but turned it down. I would have enjoyed it, but it was not quite what I needed and wanted at the moment. Maybe I sound crazy, but you just don’t know where I am working right now. Really and truly I am in a great place. And next year, because my school wants me to stay, I get to teach first graders.  Teaching first grade translates to fun, and singing and dancing and Dr. Seuss! It also translates to boogers and snot galore! So, the first week is all about hygiene!

Now that was your freebie job. Check out Berlitz.com and see if you don’t locate some opportunities abroad or within the USA.

This week’s job focuses on  online tutoring. All you’ll need is a camera with a built-in-mic and you’re ready to go! You can find excellent quality cameras with built-in-mics at an electronics store or online.

With the increasing demands of technology and the desires of some families to keep their children at home, many opportunities to teach children virtually are arising. If you find you are savvy with

computers, internet usage and other forms of technology, you may be well-equipped to instruct students online. Check out www.tutor.com or www.tutorvista.com. Contact your local school district and inquire if they have online schools. Furthermore you’ll want again use the search engine of choice or to search for open teaching positions online and in your subject area.

I am in these mountains….meditating to a great new year! You have one too!

Cutting it short this week…

In the same vein as the non-profit jobs, you will find positions, such as these at the Salvation Army or even with the federal government at www.usajobs.gov. The US department of education lists jobs such as these through that website as well. These positions look after or even train those who provide services to the general public. Consider using other terms such as “Family and Youth Program” in your search. You are bound to turn up several hits for positions such as these.

One of the things keeping me in Korea…delicious food under $10.00!!!

Oh, many people say things about the food…good and bad. I choose to just eat all the good food and solve that problem really easily. Surprisingly I’ve lost tons of weight too!

A learning facilitator works for a business or agency where new or current employees must be trained to improve the quality of their on-the-job performance.  One of these jobs I saw was with the CIA, of all places. If you’ve got a clean record and five years experience teaching or even administrative experience, you might find yourself working for the government!

Visit www.cia.gov and check the employment listings.  You can also check various companies and human resources personnel to inquire about positions as these. Use your favorite job search engine to locate positions like these!!!

Disclaimer: I am in no way promoting Teacher Unions as bad or good.

The documentary, Waiting for Superman, introduced many us to Michelle Rhee. She was the superintendent of the Washington DC Public School system. Rhee,  spent 3 years teaching and in her first year she literally put tape on her students’ mouths so they would be quiet on the way to the lunch room. However, she decreed within herself that she would not let 8 yr. olds stop her from accomplishing her mission. Eventually, she went on to have all her students pass the state exams and improve in ways other teachers had not been capable of in previous years.

One of her greatest contributions was the New Teacher Project. Right now there are several opportunities to join this organization in the form of teaching, supervision, training and more.  Please visit the New Teacher Project website and see if you are ready to begin.  New Teachers in the New Teacher project do not have to have hold a current teaching license.

As always, all the best!


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