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So, I’m subbing for another Western teacher this week who’s taken a flight home to the USA. What can I say, I went from about 25 hours of teaching to 30 hours and I feel it. I’m pooped! In public school I was teaching practically 40 hours a week and I made it through with energy and vitality. Though, with fewer hours than what I had in the states my new threshold is lower. I’m ready for a Jimjilbang (pronounced: jim-ji-bong) and short for “a family sauna complete with massages, spas and various sauna rooms full of stones, salts, warm floors, and relaxation”. Just be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards.

Though, because of the subbing I’ve got to keep this one short – I hope all of you teachers are well and looking gain ground in getting re-hired in a new position. Please stay positive because we all know you attract what consumes you.

This week job will have you working in your home with your feet kicked up (or not). As a teacher, you and I both know how time-consuming it can be to write lesson plans.  This is why this week’s job is to take that tedious duty and do it for your fellow teachers. You might consider charging $25 a week for your service or less (or more if you include slide presentations or videos). You may even be able to come up to the school as a volunteer and run-off the copies for your fellow teacher so that he/she won’t have to. You’ll free up the time your colleagues need to do other tasks.  You might even consider being your teacher’s secretary and make important phone calls (just be sure you are meeting the confidentiality laws and regulations).

This can become your own business.  If you’re able to get ten teachers a week you’ll recoup your salary in no time.

Much prosperity teachers!

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