I’ve not taken the time to thank the regular readers and subscribers of this blog. THANK YOU for subscribing and reading my little musings! Your support has been greatly appreciated!

This weekend I performed publicly and will be on the local cable TV from participating in a singing contest. I won first place and that was such a WONDERFUL thing. I sewed my costume, created the props for the dancing scene and I even stripped all while singing in Korean!

The song took longer to memorize than an English song, but for the show it was all just perfect – and perhaps one of the exhilarating things I’ve ever done. Yet, this has no relationship to this week’s job! So, let me skip to what you really came for!

Book Publishing companies like: Follet, Scholastic, Pearson, McGrawHill, Houghton Milton and more (complete list here: http://www.publishersglobal.com/ (just filter with the country and category of Education) .  Publishing companies offer a wide variety of positions from clerical or secretarial work to editorial positions and more (Scholastic even looks for people who are teachers to help them in their reading programs!). Check them out!

All the best (always) and don’t forget to check out my book or download it now from Kindle to get more teaching jobs now!

Well, I was lost for 2 hours and then a couple, who spoke no English, walked me 45 minutes all of the way to the place where I needed to be! They took me to the local radio station for an audition (I hope to tell you more about in the future).  How amazingly kind these two strangers were, they literally took my map right out of my hands and led me all the way to my destination. I previously said a small prayer “Creator, help me” and there they were!

This week’s job has to do with writing or even clerical work, or advertising and more – keep a very open mind!

Are you a writer at heart? Do you have personal experience in a variety of fields or categories?  There can be opportunities for you to guest write (guest contributor) and build your resume with the various magazines or even land permanent positions within the magazine! Check out this comprehensive list of magazine companies and keep your mind open: http://www.world-newspapers.com/family.html.  Once you find the company, find their website and check any employment opportunities!

All the best and don’t forget to check out my book or download it now from Kindle to get more teaching jobs now!

It’s fall here and my is it beautiful! So many folks will never see this country – and I don’t know, what a privilege I have what a true fortune! I could go on, but these days I am at a loss for words. Let’s skip to what you want instead okay!

There are TONS of opportunities for teachers in transition with University positions. Please check the local university where you reside and see if there are positions in the department of Education or other departments. You might not be teaching, but you’ll be at a university, you’ll likely get great benefits and you’ll be in an atmosphere of academia!

All the best and don’t forget to check out my book or download it now from Kindle to get more teaching jobs now!

Well, the chill has approached rather quickly! And, I can’t read the Korean language well enough to turn on the heat in my room fast enough.  Therefore, I am shivering this late September! I spent the night up on “google translate” trying to type the Korean letters into the translate-box and low and behold I “am” heating my room, but getting no heat. After turning the thing on and off (for no valid reason) the heat miraculously begins to seep up through the floor. Yeah!

If you’re able to get your own microphone at “Radio Shack” or even “The Guitar Center” you can market yourself on www.odesk.com and also www.elance.com. You can use the free program at audacity.com to record yourself. You can learn HOW to use these programs VERY easily just by searching on www.youtube.com   “how to use audacity” or “audacity for beginners”. All the resources for overcoming this situation are very available to you!

If venturing out on your own is a bit scary, simply consider getting an agent (search for Talent Agents that want Voice Over Artists….)

All the best!

Back to teaching and the kids are really wonderful. This week one of my little ones comes up and says, “Teacher, do you remember this?” and there she is doing one of the Michael Jackson moves from Thriller that I taught her last semester! She is truly a bundle of joy!

If you enjoy the playfulness of children and adults you might you will enjoy educating people about animals in the zoo. There are a variety of educational programs at Zoos. Check with your local zoo and inquire about positions in the Education department!

All the best!

Job #035, Crafter

This weekend is Chuseok (추석). A festival to honor the ancestors of one’s family.  However, because I’m not familiar with that type of celebration I took it upon myself to enjoy my extended weekend in the city of Busan. This city has beaches, bars, singing, surfing, swimming, seafood, a casino, the world’s largest department store and just pure beauty to go along with traditional Buddhist Temples.  I slept each night at the “Jim-Jil-Bang” Which I talked about in post #??. For less than $10 a night I was given a warm shower, clean clothes, towels and a locker to store my things. The floors were heated and there were blankets and “pseudo-pillows” to lay my head. Purely awesomeness.

 Danver Goes To Korea Video 15: Chuseok


All this talk about beauty!  It only makes sense to speak on the aspects of beauty through arts and crafts.  Via www.etsy.com you can upload photos of homemade products (jewelry, knitted – crocheted – or sewn goods and more). Happy crafting and all of the best!

Job #034, Blogger

My birthday was just two days ago. I can still remember the moment, when I was five, I said I wanted to come to Korea. My aunt brought a book, “Seoul 88” to our home and upon opening up to the first few pages I saw many women dressed in colorful attire. I couldn’t help but be drawn into all that beauty. So, here I am in this magnificent place, in fact, I must share this video I saw – it really helps represent the stunning beauty of this country.

Florence Griffith Joyner

Now, this week I AM telling you to blog. Right now you can earn a minimum of $625 a month blogging for www.about.com (scroll the bottom of their page and look for “be a guide”- something along those lines) if you know your topic well enough. You can earn more than that if you build a following. Also be sure to check out and other popular blog sites where there are various writers! Find the education/parenting or family sections and see if you are up for the task!


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